American Chocolate Brownie Recipe

American chocolate brownie recipe

250g butter
250g dark chocolate
4 large eggs
1 cup plain flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup sugar (raw or regular)
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
½  teaspoon salt

Melt the chocolate and butter (I do this in the microwave on medium heat so it doesn’t get hot and cook the eggs)

Lightly mix eggs, sugar, vanilla and salt

Add chocolate mix to the eggs (make sure chocolate mix is not too hot !)

Fold plain flour into the mix

Put in pan, around 13×9 inch is good, baking tray works well / slice tray is ok

Cook at around 170-180C for 30 minutes- the top won’t be firm when you take it out

If you are going to eat these the next day, then it sets up by the next day and are better undercooked

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